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When U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Samantha Power abstained rather than voting against the resolution, the Obama administration took the bizarre and unprecedented move to turn its back on Israel. The move serves to end Jewish settlement building and threatens to plow Israel back to its 1967 borders, potentially leaving them indefensible. Read more at Read more at…

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BREAKING NEWS! OBAMA HIRES CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY! | Darryl Issa has reported that more criminal charges will be coming for the Obama administration, and it looks like President Obama is preparing for them – he has chosen to hire as White House Counsel Neil Eggleston, a renowned criminal defense attorney! #IRS #Benghazi

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Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It's Barack Obama?

The last republican president, Geo "I'm An Idiot" Bush has cost the American tax pay over fifteen trillion in debt. That's based on the two wars, bank deregulation financial collapse and massive tax cuts for the rich and their corporations. A lot of that debt continues to grow as the tax laws have not been changed. Deregulation is still a big push for republicans leaving way for future financial chaos.

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speech 14 - Obama has officially lost it! He calls himself a fictional character that was made up by Fox News and Rich Limbaugh

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Media Control The Masses

.That's why what the liberal media is doing is propaganda for Obama. It's treason - and anti-American! He who controls the media controls the masses. And the "media" does even realize it's being controlled.

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Happily marking the day when America's most liberal, socialist, WORST president EVER will leave the White House for good...

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YouTube - ET Williams "obama will come out of the closet after President Trump's inauguration"

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BREAKING NEWS!!! OBAMA DECLARES the ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY of the NEW WORLD ... ~Hey, wait a minute. Isn't Brussels the place where the Brussels Trial is going on, holding the Papacy & some Elites criminally liable for child sacrifice?

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Obama lays out some steps for Trump to tackle

#World #News Obama lays out some steps for Trump to tackle criminal justice reform #StopRussianAggression