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Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee -- The Sea of Galilee, also known as Kinneret, Lake of Gennesaret, or Lake Tiberias is the largest freshwater lake in Israel. Most of its water comes from the northern Jordan River.

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On September 5, 1972 a day before the Olympic Games were to begin, eight Palestinian terrorists entered the Olympic Village and seized eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team. Two of the hostages were able to wound two of their captors before they were killed. The terrorists requested the release of 234 Palestinians that were being held in Israel.

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Golda Meir - Israel - 1969: Meir was an Israeli teacher, kibbutznik and politician who became the fourth Prime Minister of Israel. Israel's first and the world's third woman to hold such an office, she was described as the "Iron Lady" of Israeli politics years before the epithet became associated with British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Former Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion used to call Meir "the best man in the government." #womens #history #powerful #jewish #women

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Jaffa gate (Jerusalem, Israël 2013) - Find the latest Israel cartoons and the latest news on Israel and the Middle East at

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Middle East Burning: Is the Spreading Unrest a Sign of the End Times? -

Mount of Olives - Jerusalem Israel - Find the latest news about Israel, the Syria civil war and the Middle East at

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