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I cant wait to be home from the hospital so I can write because I have way too much anger and sadness in my system after the news today

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Today Show on Pinterest → @TODAY | Every weekday morning at 7am, this is the alert that tells us that it's time to sit down for breakfast.

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USA Today - Outro Lado - wish it was printed exactly like this. Almost feels like we don't see enough of the design online

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Wherever you are today, whoever you are with, whether you are happy and surrounded by love, or lonely and full of sorrow, we send our heartfelt love to you. Merry Christmas

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100-Day countdown to Disneyland Paris’ official 25th Anniversary begins • DLP Today - Disneyland Paris news, rumours, updates

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Stephanie B. brings us some exciting #panda news! #ZAPandas #OnlyZooATL We reached two big milestones today that I am so excited to share with everyone. Xi Lun crawled out of the nest box for the first time this morning! Which means that walking is only a short time away. Also this morning, Lun Lun decided that it was time for Ya Lun to go on an adventure into the dayroom. Lun Lun has had access to the dayroom for a while now to give her additional space and the opportunity to eat and play…

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Enhancing New York Times Covers with Gold Leaves Trips

Enhancing New York Times Covers with Gold Leaves Trips – Fubiz Media

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Media picking and choosing what they think we need to know !!!! I think this is just one of many things the media hide , they just can't do their job, report facts !!!!! Anything less than that is bias entertainment !!!!!

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Happy new year everyone! :D Today’s post kicks off the new year with my monthly news round-up, with all the details on what’s coming up for January 2017; included this time around are some updates and beautiful campaign imagery for the Pandora Valentine’s Day 2017 collection, some updates on the Pandora CNY 2017 charm and a … Read more...

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All new Tuesday Tips this year! Today, why I call the Almost Profile. Gives a slight more sense of volume. Useful in a lot of situation. Try it out! -Norm

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