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Nikolay II and Alexandra Feodorovna with their signatures, c 1897. The frame was produced by The House of Faberge in 1908 from enamel and silver. Kept in The Diamond Fund of Russia.


A Prince, Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker of the Kiev Near Caves (12th century) left his family to become a monk. He worked in the monastery's kitchen, served as gatekeeper, and grew a garden around his cell; also, he funded two churches in the area. Saint Nicholas was the first Russian prince to accept monasticism; his brothers ridiculed him, and his doctor told him fasting had weakened him. Saying this the doctor fell ill and was only cured by the saint's prayers. (Oct 14)


Trump to Accept Inauguration Funds From Corporations and Big Donors By NICHOLAS FANDOS from NYT U.S. via IFTTT

Russian Great Imperial Crown, first worn by Catherine the Great; the diamond-encrusted crown holds the second largest spinel in the world, a red spinel weighing 398.72 carats.


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Infinite energy...

*Correction: Located and advocated for a free, earth-friendly, non-global-warming-causing source of power, but the government stopped him b/c they wouldn't make enough money if power were free.


Dedicated on 11/11/11 at 11:11 Am. The Anthem Veterans Memorial in Anthem Arizona was funded mostly by donations:

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The Quick 10: 10 Faberge Egg Surprises

FABERGÉ~ ROSEBUD EGG~ 1895. Imperial Fabergé Egg No. 11. A gift from Tsar Nicholas II to Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. The surprise is a yellow enamelled rosebud, which originally contained two more surprises: a diamond replica of the Imperial crown with a cabochon ruby pendant suspended inside. The crown and pendant have been lost.