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redrum87: Nick Cave and PJ Harvey. Tender nihilists attaining detachement.

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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds feat. PJ Harvey - Henry Lee They have amazing chemistry! Love this version of an old song.

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Nick Cave <3 Gorgeous live performance of "Into My Arms" from The Boatman's Call, his 1997 album.

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Nick Cave Song Lyric Card

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'Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' are a demanding group, especially as evidenced in their work of the last decade or so, difficult to look directly in the face and get a read on, and we’re not really used to that type of complexity in pop music these days. “Hold on to Yourself” is a song from their studio album "Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!", that was released in 2008.

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Nick Cave. With dark themes and a deep, lush voice, he's been making music for decades. He's also an author. Quite the man!

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Nick Cave. Into My Arms. Thank you, Metropolitan Savas.

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Nick Cave (@Erin Lindell our worlds just collided. This links to some site with Nick Cave inspired fabrics.)

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Weeping SongFather why are all the children weeping? They are merely crying son. O, are they merely crying father? Yes, true weeping is yet to come.