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Nick Jonas Beach

Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo Pack on the PDA While Filming Music Video

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Um hi. So me and my siblings think we should throw a party at our beach house, i dont care really but if we get enough people, we will throw the party and yea...-Michael

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Happy birthday to this beautiful girl. ~Demi Lovato~ is now 24 I gave up her concert on her birthday to go and hang out with my friends at the beach for the day. I hope to see her in her next concert

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Send Help?This Woman Is So Beautiful I Actually Can't Stop Looking at Her Face

If you need to find me today, I'll be at my computer staring at this picture of Olivia Culpo. I find the former Miss Universe (and girlfriend of Nick Jonas) is so stunning that at the John Frieda Beach Blonde event when she walked in last night, I turned my head alllllllll the way around as she walked by and questioned whether what I was seeing was a vision conjured by a cold-induced delirium. I became creepy. And, Lord help me, I couldn't stop staring. I mean, how are her features this ...

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