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I bet u dont really like me though even though Im madly in love with you, you got my heart to pump again.......Prem.....:,(

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Nickelback lyrics

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someday - nickelback One of my all time favs

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This song means so much to my honey it was a song he dedicated to me when we first started dating.. We've been apart for 9 years not knowing we could have been together from day one. But things happen for a reason and if they didn't happen my little Ethan would not be here! So now were blessed and thankful to have the family we both have dreamed of. Nickleback-far away..

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lyrics to lullaby by nickelback - Google Search

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"Far Away" - Nickelback.. They've described it perfectly..

"Far Away" - Nickelback.. They've described it perfectly..

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Nickelback-if everyone cared. Thats it. Listen To This Song. Your Gonna Fall in Love. With Me.

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Far Away by Nickelback Lyrics ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring quotes, words, text, lyrics, nickelback, phrase and saying

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Lullaby - Nickelback

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Lyric Art of Don't Ever Let It End by Nickelback

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