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Motivation - Best Fitness Motivation Site

gymaaholic: “ I’m Not A Dreamer, I’m A Dream Chaser It’s time to live your dream, now! Nicole Mejia ”


"This is one of my favorite glute supersets to finish off a leg workout with: 1. Heavy abductors- I like to sit on the edge of the seat so I can get more range of motion on this. I usually do 20 full reps and then pulse until failure which is usually 20-40 pulses. 2. One legged press- these are done right after the abductors for 15 reps on each leg At a relatively low weight. Push straight through the heel to target your glutes! Repeat this superset for 3-4 sets with 1 minute rest in…


Motivation - Best Fitness Motivation Site

Gymaholic motivation. Daily fitness motivation in order to achieve your goals in the gym. Whether you want to build muscle or lose fat, we will help you.


Motivation - Best Fitness Motivation Site

Visualize Your Goal, Then Work For It When you have a clear goal in mind, everything else becomes optional. Nicole Mejia