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The top photo showed the image of Nikolai Yezhov walking with Stalin. Yezhov was head of the NKVD, an ardent Bolshevik and close confidant. He was arrested and put on trial for suspicion of plotting to assassinate Stalin. Though he pleaded innocence he was sentenced to death and was executed in 1940 in one of Stalin's Great Purges. The bottom photo shows that the image of Yezhov had been airbrushed out

Joseph Stalin -Nikolai Yezhov, walking with Stalin in the top photo from the 1930s, was killed in 1940. Following his execution, Yezhov was edited out of the photo by Soviet censors.[44] Such retouching was a common occurrence during Stalin's rule.- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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NKVD chief Nikolai Yezhov confers with Joseph Stalin. 1937, Soviet Union via reddit [[MORE]] Under the direction of Nikolai Yezhov, Stalin’s political repression intensified. Politicians, military officers, religious figures, government officials, foreign communists, prominent intellectuals, and even NKVD employees were all targeted as enemies of the state.

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Stalin and Nikolai Yezhov, People's Commissar of Internal Affairs of the USSR

Nikolai Yezhov replaced Yagoda at the NKVD; he ordered "the guards to strip Yagoda naked and severely beat him...before his execution.

[Photo] Beria with Stalin's daughter Svetlana, circa 1930s; note Stalin in background

Lavrentiy Beria with Stalin (in background) and the young Svetlana Alliluyeva.

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Abraham Lincoln - Photos - Historic photos that have been altered

Fake - Photo-editing wasn't just limited to glorifying or adding to actual history, it has also been used to erase history as well. Russian Premier Josef Stalin was notorious for airbrushing people out of pictures when he no longer had use for them. In this example from 1930, a commissar is out of sight soon after being out of Stalin's mind.

Nikolai Ivanovich Yezhov or Ezhov (May 1, 1895 – February 4, 1940) was the senior figure in the NKVD (the Soviet secret police) under Joseph Stalin during the period of the Great Purge. His reign is sometimes known as the "Yezhovshchina", "the Yezhov era", a term that began to be used during the de-Stalinization campaign of the 1950s. During the beginning of World War II his status within the USSR became that of a political unperson.

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Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda (7 November 1891–15 March 1938), secret police official who served as director of the NKVD agency, from 1934 to 1936. Appointed by Joseph Stalin, Yagoda supervised the arrest, show trial, and execution of the Old Bolsheviks Lev Kamenev and Grigory Zinoviev. Yagoda himself was ultimately a victim of the Purge. He was demoted from the directorship of the NKVD in favor of Nikolai Yezhov in 1936, and arrested in 1937. Yagoda was found guilty and shot.

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Nikolai Yezhov (1895 - 1940) - NKVD Head 1936-38, this depraved killer was nicknamed the , "Bloody Dwarf". He was succeeded by Lavrenti Beria.

The Amazing World of Photo Editing Before Photoshop

The Amazing World of Photo Editing Before Photoshop - Nikolai Yezhov was one of Stalin's most powerful officials, but in 1939 he was arrested and executed in 1940. The top photo is from the mid 1930s, and the other is from 1940. It's the best-known example of the Stalin-era image manipulation.

EFIMOV, BORIS. EZHOV’S IRON GLOVE. POLITICAL CARTOON, 1937: This propaganda cartoon shows Nikolai Yezhov, leader of the NKVD secret police and Prime executor of the purge under Stalin’s directives, crushing the traitors who are portrayed as snakes.

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Yevgenia Ezhova (nee Feigenberg 1904-1938) with adopted child - wife of Nikolai Yezhov