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Unknown artist. This is a typical physical sign of a migraine. Hands on the face protecting the head from further injury.

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Saatchi Online Artist- Nikos Gyftakis; self portrait. I am in awe of the artistry and it makes me smile when I look at it.

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Swirling, Psychedelic Self-Portraits by Nikos Gyftakis. Many more on Colossal:

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Swirling Lines Form Psychedelic Portraits

These Self-Portraits and Liquid Friends are energetic paintings by Nikos Gyftakis. Using vibrant colors and swirling brush strokes, the Greek artist blends curves and circular lines together to form each oil painting. From a distance, eyes and faces stare out at the viewer. Upon closer inspection, each face transforms into an abstract blur of patterns and textures.

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