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Nine Planets Names

"Every Whovian knows you can't skip Nine." : The planets' names written in circular gallifreyan

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pictures of each planet in the solar system | Coloring Pages Images of Nine Planets of Solar System with Names

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Occult symbolism. The names of the nine muses compared to the 7 planets/spheres (the five known planets in the ancient world along with the moon and sun) plus Earth and the outer sphere of the stars. There's much more symbolism here in the Greek and Hebrew names - they probably refer to angels, since at the top you see the name of God (in Greek) and a symbol of the Trinity on the opposite side.

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Neptune is the 8th planet from the Sun and the smallest of the gas giants. Neptune was the first planet found by mathematical prediction after unexpected change in Uranus' orbit were observed. Neptune is named after the Roman god of the sea. The blue coloring is the result of methane in the atmosphere. The winds are nine times faster than those on Earth and believed the strongest in the solar system. | Image: Steve Albers, NOAA/GSD

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NASAs Voyager 2 took this false color photograph of Saturn on July 21, 1981, when the spacecraft was 33.9 million kilometers (21 million miles) from the planet. Credit: NASA/JPL #

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Watched syndicated original Star Trek series reruns throughout the decade and into the early 80s. Three years of a five year mission for about nine years.

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Mumbai, India

10 Mukhi Rudraksha gives Name, Fame, Health and Prosperity by removing malefic effects of all Nine planets.

Solar System Chunky Necklace

This post is brought to you by Blueprint Social and Polyform. All opinions and content are (as always!) 100% my own. I never thought I would be old enough to say “Well, back in my day…”. Well, back in my day our Solar System had nine planets, which included a little teeny planet named Pluto. …