"A Shining and Precious Diamond of Islam"..I beg to disagree, I see it as the control of women by men through religion. DH

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naz1024: I imagine that I can be whatever I want to be! And then? I believe that I already am.. ❤️

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A sister wearing hijab might struggle with performing her salaah on time, a sister who never misses a salaah and prays fardh, sunnah and nafil might have trouble wearing hijab in public, a sister who wears a lot of make-up might have memorised juz amma and a sister who wears niqab might be struggling to learn to read Qur'an with tajweed. Truth is we are all struggling with something or another, no body is perfect yet people seem to think a person who dresses a certain way or looks a…

hijab, beautiful, and fashion image. Alexandra Golovkova looks soo pretty

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