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Being strong doesn't always mean you have to fight the battle. The people I am thinking of regarding this quote are related to me through my marriage. After years of trying to please them, I realize they have no moral compass, no filter and no compassion. I will never again let them belittle me or bring me down. I survived them intact and I am happy. Life is just way too short! |


RAMON CUBERTA | BESPOKE BARCELONA The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away, Pablo Picasso. (No filters, Mediterranean light). #shoes #shoemaker #bespokeshoes #bespokeshoemaking #bespokemakers #bespoke #handmadeshoes #shoestagram #shoeporn #shoelover #shoesaddict #shoegaze #shoegazing #menshoes #sartorial #gentleman #manstyle #sartorialist #barcelonadesign #barcelona

Get ready for Franco vs. Cranston in the red-band trailer for Why Him? The holidays are supposed to be a time for peace and family get-togethers. That is until someone in your family screws that up and makes everything super awkward for everyone. Being in that situation sucks to be sure but watching another family go through it? Thats a recipe for comedy gold. Especially when that family consists of James Franco going up against Bryan Cranston. Today 20th Century Fox has released a…

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No Clean Aquarium

NO CLEAN AQUARIUM | acrylic fish tank, freshwater, no filter | UncommonGoods


🤔🙄 You received blue, same as the pic on the upper left. I didn't say the shoes were royal blue and I didn't say the sneakers were baby blue I mean the pics are my pics with NO filter just extra light. I had these sneakers for over a year I think i know they aren't baby blue lol. Shoes Ankle Boots & Booties

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No Filter! Megan Fox Joins Instagram, Posts Selfie Without Makeup

No filter, and fabulous! Megan Fox joined Instagram and went without makeup in one of her first posts. Stunning!


No filter needed. Blue skies beam over our lush terraced Pacamara lot at 1350 meters. In Spanish, we would say these these plants are super cargadas!! Meaning they are packed with beautiful ripening cherries. Can't wait!


A good smartphone camera means no filters needed to your photo. Agree? #aStepAhead #DigitalGuruShop

I 3D PRINTED A CAMERA LENS and the Photos are Amazing Our friend Mathieu Stern explains his experience about how he creates his own 3D printed lens: I always dreamed to create my own lens.Collecting old and weird lenses is a passion of course but sometimes I want to experiment with my own creations even if I love to modify old lenses here I wanted to look into the future. Wouldn' it be great if you could create a lens from scratches ?Wouldn't it be fun to experiment for really cheap ? Well…