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I wish it wasn't true because I will never admit it.. << except your best. friend. but even they dont know everything

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As soon as i say I have no friends everyone wanna act fake offended. But who talks to me everyday? Who checks up on me, who don't hmu when they need me No one right so I got no friends

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I was that friend, but I was easily replaced as usual. Hope you're having a great time without me Queen. "Thanks for the memories even tho they weren't so great"

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don't want to be attached. this breaks my heart. Too often we feel this way after having hopes and being let down by people that we thought would have our back no matter what and want to spend their precious time with us. I am my own best friend...

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How Altering Your Self-Image Can Change Your Life

Not a lot of family anymore, all my friends are married or are at a different place in life, work is overloaded at times, lack of sleep, single so nothing to come home to but my dog lol , but feel blessed to be alive and healthy!

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There are times when friends take different road in early adulthood but that doesn't mean they can't grow back together♡

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