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no longer friends quotes | ... has been so long that your presence no longer matters Picture Quote #1

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As The Years Past On And The Younger I Am Getting...I Have Learned It Doesn't Mean Your Friends Also Grow Along With Me. Behave As Acceptable I Expected Or Have The Parallel Principals, Morals, Values And Wisdom As We Grow To Know As We Grow Through Our Seasons For Some People Just Never Grow Up! IN THE END--I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD NEED TO DROP MY FRIENDS LIKE FLIES FOR WE ARE NO LONGER COMPATIBLE!!

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This is true, when you realize you no longer matter to someone, or that you're no longer respected in the relationship, it's time to walk away.

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This is why one sided relationships don't work. I gave up on one sided relationships recently and it has been pure bliss! by DavidaMichelle

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In life, we never lose friends, we only learn who…

Never lose true friends. #So grateful for my true friends! |. When other come looking for me, I won't be there anymore.

Inspirational Quotes About Moving On

I remember my mom would tell me this. Because of this lesson, I make sure to tell My Dearest, that she's everything I'd ever want or need. Not sure if she feels the same for me anymore, but my love is unconditional. She'll always have my heart.

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YUP! I am no longer friends with a few rotten eggs that only wanted a friendship when they needed my creativity. Not anymore! :D

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You know it's funny how one minute we are "best friends", but then, a new group of "cool kids" come strolling along, and I'm no longer in the picture. If you are going to be fake and unappreciative then just leave and stop hurting others. Don't lead someone on like they are important if you don't truly think so. I'm tired of only hearing from you when you need something. You act like I don't even exist. Well guess what...I do. Stop hurting others and being fake!