* Beautiful People* -This photo goes to show that people of all colours can unit to form something beautiful, and that colour should have no boundaries. This is more then a picture of hands it is a symbol society coming together to end racism #unit #OneInTheSame

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Why do we all take so much effort to hate each other when we could be putting the effort into doing something useful.

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8. No two humans will look the same, and differences in skin colour are celebrated. Thinner bodies are not celebrated; bodies may take on a range of shapes and sizes. Food is fuel, and not restricted or consumed in excess.

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If it weren't for the black ink on the white pages...you couldn't read a SINGLE thing. MQB (Acts 10:34)

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"We must learn to live together as brothers or we shall perish together as fools." Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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This quote illustrates that no matter the colour of our skin, we are all one in the sight of God. We should not allow racism to divide us. We, humans may look different but inside we are the same

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2002. Via the U.K. | The Strongest Anti-Racism Ads Of The Last 20 Years

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No Borders...follow the Christ (Jesus) - Daniel 2: 44; when he Rules the Earth, through one Kingdom...this is what Jehovah God promises for his Earthly children.

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"PEACE. LOVE. NO VIOLENCE. NO HOMOPHOBIA. NO SEXISM. NO RACISM." | This planet's too small & love is too big. | #paradigmshift

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