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Pictured: The abandoned ruins of Mr Blobby theme park after ravers trash site

Popular: Mr Blobby with Noel Edmonds on Noel's House Party, which was axed by the BBC in 1999. So wrong in so many different ways

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Noel Edmonds says death is impossible as we're all just containers of energy

Noel Edmonds says death doesn't exist and 'electrosmog' is more deadly than Ebola or AIDs - People - News - The Independent

Tesco's Star Wars cake has Noel Edmonds on it instead of Ewan McGregor

Can you tell the difference? The cupcake in question (pictured above) was meant to depict Ewan McGregor as his Obi Wan Kenobi character but Twitter users thought it looked more like Noel Edmonds of Deal or No Deal

juke box jury tv show It's first come back with Noel Edmonds

swap shop tv show - how they used to look. Maggie Philbin, John Craven, Keith Chegwin and Noel Edmonds

Noel Edmonds issues Facebook plea after meeting internet 'troll'

Noel Edmonds