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Written by Yusra Siddiqui and Tahira Ayub If you’re into following inspirational Muslim women on various social media platforms, you may have heard of Noor Tagouri. Shes’s an inspiring young Muslim woman who is well on her way to achieving her goal of becoming the first hijabi newscaster on TV. In her free time, Noor sports a […]

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New Blog Post // 60 Seconds with Noor Tagouri "I cross out words so you can see them more" - Jean-Michel Basquiat We had a pleasure of speaking with @ntagouri about her influential campaigns and more! Read the interview at now! Tap the link in the bio

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Noor Tagouri - the first hijab wearing news anchor on American television. "Whenever you feel down about your own identity, you should always remember what is in your heart and what the right thing to do is. Focus on that and stay true to yourself! Do NOT care what anybody else says about you. Focus on your own aspiration. Give your best to prove everybody that you CAN do it, because you really can. Work on your success, because once you get there they will start appreciating you more."

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Playboy Features Woman In A Hijab For The First Time

Noor Tagouri Becomes The First Woman To Wear A Hijab In Playboy | Huffington Post

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Hijabi of the Month April 2013 - Noor Tagouri

Noor Tagouri, poet & philanthropist, dreams of being the first veiled talkshow-host on American television.

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Noor Tagouri Playboy Shoot: Muslim Journalist Becomes First Woman In Hijab To Feature In Men's Magazine | Huffington Post

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The Hijab Is A Form Of Expression, Not Oppression

Newsy's Noor Tagouri breaks down the stigma around the head covering.

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