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Make your enemy think that your normal force is extraordinary, and your extraordinary is your normal. - Sun tzu


[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] What Is The Normal Force The external agent which tends to set a body in motion or which changes the speed and direction of motion of a body or which can change the shape of a body is called force. SI unit of force is Newton. Types of Forces: (a) …

Natural Force: In mechanics, the normal force is the component, perpendicular to the surface of contact, of the contact force exerted on an object by. Natural force basically keeps the mass from penetrating the surface.


How to Find Coefficient of Friction


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The ratio of the frictional resistance force to the normal force which presses the surfaces together.

Normal Force Diagram - Wedocable

The normal force is the support force exerted upon an object that is in contact with another stable object. The wall is exerting a normal force on this wonderful man.

Wendy in her normal form and when she's using Dragon Force.

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31 Photos That Prove Emma Stone Is The Most Stylish Person On Earth

Rihanna’s appearance on the Chanel Couture autumn/winter 2013 front row in a barely buttoned-up floor-skimming cardigan, pearls dripping from her throat and a quilted bag in hand, encapsulated for us why Karl Lagerfeld’s collections for the house endure.