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July 1939. "Zollie Lyons, Sharecropper, home from the field for dinner at noontime, with his wife and part of his family. Wake County, North Carolina." by Dorothea Lange


Unemployed and without health insurance, man in North Carolina has himself arrested in order to receive treatment


VOTE THE GOP OUT! North Carolina Becomes First State To Reject Federal Aid For Long-Term Unemployment


NC alone in choice to end extended unemployment checks

North Carolina lawmakers had a tough choice this spring: Change how unemployment benefits are calculated, potentially cutting off benefits to tens of thousands of people, or allow the state's debt to the federal government to continue as a drag on the economy. The state was one of many in the same situation, but North Carolina lawmakers were the only ones who chose the quicker fix.

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Look How The Unemployment Rate Is Plunging In The One State That Already Canceled Long-Term Unemployment Benefits

Look How The Unemployment Rate Is Plunging In The One State (NC)That Already Canceled Long-Term Unemployment Benefits Joe

Fired from your job? - 844-292-1318 North Carolina legal aid - What can you do if you believe you were unfairly fired from your job? Learn about exceptions to North Carolina’s at-will employment law, including breach of contract or collective bargaining agreement, illegal discrimination, retaliation and more. This video also includes information about unemployment insurance. Video Rating: / 5

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North Carolina lawmakers move to slash unemployment help