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North Vietnamese Army infantrymen. The machine gunner armed with an RPD appears to be wearing a U.S. M56 pistol belt (vertical weave) with a M67 20rnd magazine pouch attached to it, in addition to his RPD ammunition bag. One of the tankers also carries a Type 56 assault rifle with a folding stock.


The bodies of North Vietnamese Army (NVA) troops who attempted to hold the rubber plantation village of Binh Ba, are laid out in an open area so they can be checked for documents by the Australians before burial

from Cherries - A Vietnam War Novel

A Remembrance of Hue, Vietnam 1968

Guest article by Nathan Nguyen During the North Vietnamese Army’s surprise 1968 Tet Offensive, a fierce battle raged in the city of Hue. Pitting North Vietnamese Army regulars and Vietcong against…


Catherine Leroy (1945 – 8 July 2006) was a French war photographer. In 1967, she was the first accredited journalist to participate in a combat parachute jump, joining the 173rd Airborne Brigade. In 1968, during the Tet Offensive, Leroy was captured by the North Vietnamese Army. She managed to talk her way out and emerged as the first newsperson to take photos of North Vietnamese Army Regulars behind their own lines. She also reported from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Libya and other conflict…


Bullock arrived in Vietnam on May 18, 1969 and was assigned as a rifleman in 2nd Squad, 2nd Platoon, Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division. He was stationed at An Hoa Combat Base in Quang Nam Province. He was killed instantly by small arms fire on June 7, 1969, during a North Vietnamese Army night attack while making an ammunition run to resupply his beleaguered unit. He was 15 years old.


Hanoi Hilton---The Hoa Loa Prison, sarcastically coined the Hanoi Hilton by American POWs, was originally built by the French to house Vietnamese political prisoners. The North Vietnamese Army later used the prison to house prisoners of war during the Vietnam War.


On his last tour to Vietnam, at the age of 23, Navy SEAL Michael Thornton heroically saved the life of his senior officer on an intelligence gathering and prisoner capture operation. The small team of two Navy SEALs and three South Vietnamese commandos was discovered by a larger North Vietnamese Army force, and a fierce firefight ensued. SEAL LT Thomas Norris, who had himself earned the Medal of Honor just months earlier, was shot in the face and believed dead.


Machinegun team huddles behind bushes in a hedgerow and returns the fire of North Vietnamese Army regulars in trenches and foxholes in Vietnam on March 13, 1967. Troops of the U.S. 1st Air Cavalry Division battled for more than ten hours after two companies were caught in heavy crossfire of communist rifle and automatic weapons fire. (AP Photo/Hodierne)


21 May 1969, A Shau Valley, Vietnam --- Injured paratroopers with the 101st Airborne make their way down 'Hamburger Hill' past a wounded col...