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Blog with ideas to help you win the Race Against Chemicals in the Environment. Chemicals have a way of seeping into just about every aspect of our lives, but the power to overcome starts with awareness. Here are a few simple tips to know about and begin using now that can help us all win the R.A.C.E.

from healthyways2clean

Windows Oh No, Oh Yes!

I absolutely promise that if you ever use the Norwex Window cloth to clean just one window, you will never use anything else.


Make cleaning your windows quick and easy with the Norwex Enviro cloth and window cloth. Click on image for more details.


Norwex Window Cloth: No need for chemical glass cleaners - just use water. The of this cloth makes it great for use in your entire home, such as: To clean granite countertops: Clean countertops first with the damp Norwex Enviro Cloth and water. Then finish the counters with the dry Window Cloth. * Do not use on anti-glare coated surfaces * Windows, Mirrors, Shower doors * Crystal * Glass tables * Brushed and stainless steel * Chrome * and all other shiny surfaces in the home


Did you know you can attach your norwex window cloth to the mop system for hard to reach windows? Amazing


The Mop Brackets provide a way to use the window cloth or car cloth over the mop pad for washing or polishing hard-to-reach windows. Attach an Envirotowel or Window cloth after mopping high gloss floors to polish for a streak-free shine!


Get every room in your home clean from floor to ceiling - all without chemicals - and enjoy savings of over $40! This pack includes a Envirowand, Fluff and Tumble dryer balls, Bottle Brush, Envirosleeve, Envirosleeve with Scrubber, Cleaning Paste, Ultra Power Plus, EnviroCloth in blue, Window Cloth, Dusting Mitt in green, Rubber Brush, and Double-Sided Mop System. All you need for a clean home is to Just Add Water!


Norwex is a great alternative to make small changes that will make a HUGE difference! Use the Enviro cloth wet to wash windows and mirrors, follow with a dry polishing cloth to leave surface shiny and streak free!


Everybody's like ' It's gonna take me all day to clean my house!' And I'm over here all 'I use Norwex , I cleaned my house in an hour.'


Norwex Enviro cloth and window cloth. Clean your TV screen with a damp (water only) Enviro cloth and finish with a window cloth...and voila! PLEASE NOTE: Before you clean your TV, make sure it has been switched off for a couple of hours prior, so there is no residual static charge