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And yet, a lot of people still can't seem to grasp this. I get sick of hearing "how come you don't ever call or text"....the phone works both ways! I'm sick and tired of having to be the only one to contact "friends" when in return they don't contact me and then they get "offended" because they take it personal. This is why I keep my so called "friends" list short that way I'm not let down when I don't hear from them.


We used to be so close. I wish we could be friends like before.. I know everything you have said about me.. Which only came from the influence of others. I will be nice to you, I will treat you like a friend. But you are, in no shape or form, my friend. I don't want to be friends with a person who looks down on me, and tries to hurt me. I will forgive you, but I'm done with you.


"Saw this quote today: "Not friends, not enemies just strangers with some memories" Relatable af"


In the end, its best not to randomly vent. Pick and choose, it'll feel right when you're wise about who/what/and when.