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Love This Kitty! - 14th November 2014

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Omg this is not gonna become a thing. *Does the dan is not impressed face. oh shmurrr. too late i guess

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best of tumblr

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McKayla Maroney does her ‘not impressed’ face with President Obama

McKayla Maroney does her ‘not impressed’ face with President Obama (The White House)

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Lay is probably the only one who can say this and not get killed lol..Although the look on D.O's face though....

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hahahahahaha Kris is just like 0.0 and then there's Sehun -_- LOL

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McKayla Maroney

McKayla Maroney has become a breakout star of the 2012 Olympics, but it's her fierce faces that have the internet buzzing.

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Laughing harder than I should. So it's Chanyeol. Then Sehun... And then I saw Lay! I think Lay's is a judging fish

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Really pretty serious when you think of it. So many folks hide behind the 'spiritual, not religious' figleaf.

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Outfit change: When the president and Mrs Obama left India on Tuesday, she was dressed in ...

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Ok I don't usually pin cat pictures (I'm more of a dog shaming kinda gal) but this cracked me up :)

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Drew Barrymore got her role in E.T. because she ‘lied her face off’ when she met Steven Spielberg. At an audition for another film, she told him she was not an actress, but was the drummer of the Purple People Eaters, a punk rock band with painted faces that had played to a packed arena the night before. He was so impressed with her imagination that she was the first kid he cast in the film. Source Source 2

No but their reaction describes them perfectly, Ashton is like wow, Luke is so innocent he just turns around and blushes, and Calum is like not bad Michael not bad.

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Painting the ceiling this weekend? Spare a thought for the man who created the Sistine Chapel

Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel. Vatican Museum, Rome - amazing to have seen in person!

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Rapunzel doll Before/After. She used to be the 17” singing Rapunzel doll by the Disneystore, her face is completely repainted, she has real lashes, her hair is restyled. She looks SO much better!

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