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“Believe in the power of truth...Do not allow your mind to be imprisoned by majority thinking. Remember that the limits of science are not the limits of imagination.” Patricia E. Bath, Ophthalmologist


The Culture Change Iceberg Model - By developing specific innovation-focused behaviors – behaviors targeted at addressing the “below the surface” roots of culture – it becomes possible to shift an organizational culture away from risk aversion and toward risk taking, away from insular thinking and toward external exploration, and away from a “not invented here” attitude and toward one of “open innovation”.


Did you know Butterbeer was actually invented in the 16th century? All these years later it’s still a delicious recipe with just 5 ingredients. Definitely not for those underage wizards since it contains alcohol, but even those adults who aren’t fans of beer loved this recipe! 'The' must-have drink at your Harry Potter party!

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Fandom Academy<--- why are we not funding this??<---that comment lol<<<<<< what if I'm in multiple Fandoms<< I think you can go from place to place!< it can be like hogwarts! Your first fandom it your house! <<< I will sell my soul for this, no bull. Like I'm willing to take one for the team here, guys.>>> this seems so awesome! >>> alright, if this becomes a thing, we're gonna have 2 construct a Maze Runner section<<<<there already is one it's called "Gladers">>>>