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Most men cannot listen to a woman's feelings and realize the way he handles it, responds to it, what he does from that moment on sets the tone. Often she's not bitching to bitch, she's needing you to hear something and learn. Her expression of her feelings and needs does not make her a bitch.

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He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words. | Elbert Hubbard Picture Quotes | Quoteswave

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Don't try to understand everything. Sometimes it's not meant to be understood, just accepted.

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Be aware that not everyone will understand what you are going through but there are support groups out there.

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Amen. When I see that puzzled look come across someone's face, I know they aren't meant for my team's desire to shoot for the moon. Bless and release. Even those who don't "get" you deserve some love ❤️

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I do what I do because of the lessons I've learned. You don't have to understand because it's my journey, not yours.

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