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Top 100 aristotle quotes photos {You are never too old to set another Goal or to dream a new dream.} Always remember that you're worth it & that your life matters and means something to a lot of people. I've noticed a lot of people have been feeling under the weather about certain things and it kills me to see them with so much negativity in their lives. I hope that you know that you are loved...

Read more Ai Weiwei quotes at In a society where there is no freedom of the press, it is difficult for victims to be noticed. Just take the example from yesterday: I had given a telephone interview to CNN. Then, suddenly, CNN was shut down for a couple of minutes. It was the first time I experienced that my television went totally dead. I realized: Oh my God, it’s because of me. This is crazy! Which nation would do that

I found this quote in the opening of a book on #mindfulness as a tool for coping with adult ADHD. Mindfulness is one of my #corevalues for this year and as I learn more about it, I am more and more drawn into it as not only a tool for being present and at peace but as a way of life. Being able to step back for a moment in the space that is described in this #quote has been life changing for me. Some of what I've experienced in valuing that space is on my blog where I talk about "noticing"…

Good Morning. Love this quote today! Feeling this on all fronts - Personally noticing little things changing inside me and collectively.....If there's one thing this years dire state of politics has done on both sides of the's woken us up as a people.