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10 in a Bed from EllieAndAbbie "(This project is really easy. Just use a stiff white envelope for the bed. Then glue felt onto the envelope for the blanket. I got the idea from this book: Kathy Ross Crafts: Numbers)"


Cute idea. I could modify it to work for second graders. Maybe have larger numbers across the top or use different objects to glue on the tentacles to represent 10's and 1's.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Composing Numbers to 10

Students practice decomposing numbers from 2-10 by identifying different combinations to make that number. Includes two versions, one using number and one with dice.

from Childhood101

Printable Multiplication Strategy Mat

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from Teachers Pay Teachers

Number Tracing Cards

Help students develop their numeral writing skills with this Number Tracing Cards Pack. Simply print, cut and laminate! These can be used with a dry erase marker or play dough. The Number Tracing Cards font is NSW Foundation Style. Included; 1) Numbers 0 - 10 (2 per page) 2) Numbers 0 - 10 (4 per page) 3) Strips 0 - 10 (4 strips per page) © Tales From Miss D


Diaper Stockpile List! How many should you stockpile? This are just to start out and remember every baby is different. Always keep your receipts in an envelope somewhere just in case you need to exchange them. Places like Walmart, Costco, Babies R Us, and Target will exchange them without a receipt. If you have open packs try selling them on craigslist, ebay or facebook. Plenty of people are looking for a good deal. However, you'll probably be selling them for around .10 per diaper.


Many students struggle with greater than less than when numbers are represented in various forms. This pack includes pictorial representation, word form, and standard form. The packet goes up to the number 10. The stocking is to be printed on colored paper glued into an interactive journal/notebook as an envelope in which you place the ornaments.