Brain teaser - Kids Riddles Logic Puzzle - brain teaser for kids with answer - Think of a number. Double it. Add ten. Half it. Take away the number you started with. The result is five. Brought to you by

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Build number sense and review skills with this set of 100 riddle cards for the numbers 1 to 100. Great for spiraled review of math concepts and vocabulary! Small group, whole group, or independent practice with odd/even, tens and ones, coins (pennies, nickels, dimes), and comparison signs for equalities and inequalities. $

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Brain teaser - Kids Riddles Logic Puzzle - fruit math challenge - You have five types of fruit, each with different number. Can you solve this math task and get the correct numbers?

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Unscramble the numbers to answer each clue. Strengthen those place value and logic skills as you mix the numbers around according to the clues given.

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Time to add some challenging fun to your classroom routine with Brain Teasers for teens! First, give these head-scratchers a try: When you’re ready, scroll down for the answers. Now, did you really...

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funny riddles | fun riddles you have to put the three right by itsef backwards and that gets the answer

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Oh!! Apples are 20, oranges are 10, lemons are 3, so orange plus apple times lemon.. of course, PEMDAS states i must first multiply so 60+10 is 70

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