Decompose Numbers - Great for Kindergarten Math Common Core K.OA.3. Includes a link to purchase worksheets from Teachers Pay Teachers

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Pick a number 1-10. Practice dotting it, writing it, tally it, draw a picture adding to that number, color in the correct squares, and circle it on a number line. Great for kindergarten - 2nd grade.

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How to teach evens and odds so kids will truly understand. Engaging and hands on lessons for teaching even and odd numbers $

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Diced Darts Game- Diced Darts gets kids excited to practice their multiplication or addition skills! "Take turns rolling two oversize foam dice toward a dartboard-like target of rings. Score points by multiplying the number showing on each die by the number of the ring it lands in." via Lowe's Creative Ideas. (Note: You can adjust the game by adding the number showing on each die to the number of the ring it lands on for smaller children.)

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House Numbers made from Mirror Frames. oooh hobby lobby here i come, Tyler will kill me haha

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Number Puzzles help students match various models and representations of the addition problems , subtraction problems, and other numbers show. These puzzles are a great math station or math center and give students hands-on experience with sorting, classifying and categorizing second grade math concepts.

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Angel Numbers 101 - Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.. I see 444 and 777 a lot. Recently 888 has been popping up...when your mind is open you see so much more :)

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