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"The trained dancer must not only have grace and elegance, but also the leap of an Olympic hurdler, the balance of a tight-rope walker and panther-like strength and agility." ~Camilla Jessel (*Dancer featured: Rudolf Nureyev)


23 year old Nureyev in Paris shortly after he defected to the West in 1961. Soviet citizen Nureyev asked for political asylum at a Paris airport when he was about to be taken back to the Soviet Union after he refused to stop associating with Westerners while on tour with the Kirov. KGB archives show that Nikita Khrushchev personally signed an order to have Nureyev killed.


Margot Fonteyn & Rudolf Nureyev rehearse Marguerite & Armand 1963. When she dies, Armand does not yet realize that she has gone, and only knows when her hand falls from his. Many commented that it was "like a private moment that they didn't want to intrude on.

from Mail Online

All tutu much: Is ballet at breaking pointe?

Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fontaine - Absolutely breathtaking performance.