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Bicarbonate of Soda and Shaving cream snow. Just mix!

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Developing Number Concepts in Special Ed.

Special education students need to develop a strong understanding of numbers and how they relate to each other. This deep understanding will hep them learn life skills and be functional in their community. Here are some of the materials and activities we use in order to develop strong math skills in my special education classroom. These ideas are ideal for self-contained settings and students with autism.

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Susuwatari (Japanese "wandering soot"), also called Makkuro kurosuke ("pitch-black assistant"), is the name of a fictitious yōkai which was devised by Hayao Miyazaki, drawn by Ghibli studios and known from the famous anime-productions My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away where, in the former, they are identified as "black soots" in early subtitles and "soot sprites" or gremlins in the later English dubbed version.

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