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These FREE nursing courses are a great resource for students considering nursing or nurses who want to learn more. Free Online Nursing Courses and Classes You Can Take Right Now

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10 Phrases Every Nurse Should Know in Spanish

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Nursing Med-Surg Class: Common post-op complications to monitor for (& know for testing purposes!) I love how the data is arranged! From Sketchy Medicine #Pharm #NursingPharmacology #MedSurg

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Rx endings / classifications to help with pharmacology as new medications are learned. Learn classification first then add specific medications in that group. DLW

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Printable Drug Cards: Antibiotics

Following up on the previous drug cards I have posted, antibiotics are a fantastic example of why you want to study drug classes as opposed to individual drugs–this set alone contains 11 clas…

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Piaget's Stages of Development: Sensorimotor Stage; Preoperational Stage; Concrete Operational Stage; Formal Operational Stage. Covered in Fundamentals & Peds Nursing Classes. NCLEX MUST KNOW (along with Erikson & Freud's Stages of Development) #NursingFundamentals #NCLEX #PediatricNursing

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