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I am a nursing student and in this post I will show you the supplies that has helped me stay organized with all my school work. I will ...

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How to Organize Notes During Nursing School. Blog post from Nurse Nightingale. How she creates fun, inspiring binders to collect and organize notes in.

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Yes! Almost exactly what I do... MINIMUM: 1) Key terms + context, 2) Charts/boxes, 3) NCLEX practice tests w rationale will tie it together. TO TEST: 1) NCLEX prep sites, 2) Quizlet - loads of questions, 3) School aid/textbook sites. NOTE: Do not underestimate NCLEX review books - great source of need to know/no fluff cliff's notes >>> Mighty Nurse Megan: How to read your textbook effectively

8 Most Important Nursing Concepts Every Nursing Student Must Master

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