Nutrients in mushrooms

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A bit reminiscent of old-fashioned mushroom-barley soup, this vegetarian quinoa mushroom soup recipe gets a modern update with nutrient-packed quinoa.

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Deactivated yeasts may not sound like tantalizing treats, but they offer a bevy of nutrients that make them a healthy addition to any diet. Yeast is a fungus and, like mushrooms, completely safe to consume. You can find both nutritional yeast and brewer's yeast in health-food stores, but don't confuse the two. They have different nutritional...

On this episode of The Veggie Chest, Ruby Lathon walks us through how to make creamed mushroom chard. Chard is a vegetable that is an alternative to kale and is full of nutrients. Did you know that the different colors of the stems can indicate the different types of nutrients in the vegetable? This dish is also easily customizable to take on many different flavors.

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Chicken Hearts with Onions and Mushrooms.(you could use chicken livers) When it comes to nutrient-dense foods, chicken hearts, packed with protein and B vitamins, are at the top of the list. In this dish, their mild chicken flavor pairs perfectly with boldly spiced onions and mushrooms.

Veggie Quiche Cups To-Go. I would skip the onion and mushrooms, but they would be a great way to get healthy nutrients in the morning without the fuss of making them each day!

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