Tomatoes have been linked with reduced risk of some neurological diseases including Alzheimer's. The gel that surrounds tomato seeds help improves bloodflow. The antioxidant Lycopene helps lower the risk of cardiovascular disease & free radical damage. Other nutrients in tomatoes help prevent excessive clumping of platelets, reduce the risk of blood clots, while the overall collection of antioxidants benefit bone health, decrease depression & protect from cancerous changes. #dherbs…

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Quick, Easy, Secret Brew To Grow Your Plants 3 Times Faster… -

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Recipe: Black Beans and Cauliflower Rice (Gluten-Free, Vegan / Plant-Based) Black Beans and Cauliflower Rice — A zippy, flavorful dish that’s lower in carbs and higher in nutrients than traditional beans and white rice, but equally as tasty and versatile! Recipe at

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A hearty & #healthy Vegetarian Bolognese that comes together in a cinch. This pasta is meaty, saucy, kinda chunky and will be sure to please the whole family! - Ceara's Kitchen #VEGAN #GLUTENFREE

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Vitamin is defined as a natural substance that is usually found in foods and that helps your body to be healthy. Vitamins allow your body to grow and develop. They also play important roles in bodily functions such as metabolism, immunity and digestion. There are 13 essential vitamins, including vitamins A, C, D, E, and K and B vitamins.

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Benefits of potassium includes healthy skin, reduced cellulite, strong bones and the alleviation of menstrual cramps. Try these Top 10 Potassium Rich Foods!

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Re-use cooled cooking water from eggs as a free nutrient source for your plants - the shells leach calcium during cooking into the water and this mineral helps boost flower production in fruiting plants like tomatoes, peas, beans, zucchini, chilli and of course your flowers. Easy way to water pot plants indoors too! More DIY Fertilizers @ | The Micro Gardener

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good idea, start your tomato seeds like this then put the whole thing in the ground when you plant them, the tomatoes will thrive off the egg shells // Great Gardens & Ideas //

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