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Although this is promo merely a condensation of the much more behemoth 'United States' piece, the video pinpoints, with great effectiveness, all of Anderson's subversive and sublime ideology and experiment. Musically, visually, Anderson's prosaic delivery barely hides a sinister context of US military's tenuous mirage of protection/security (allegedly the Iran Hostage Crisis). But this touches and incorporates many other elements, being hypnotic, rather than polemic.


driving on a small road, cornfields on either side and this comes on the local college radio.


Laurie Anderson - O Superman --- Very weird, but haunting. Listen to the words.


I never even knew that he did an arrangement of this. Can you imagine sitting so close to him with those people in front? -- David Bowie 'O Superman'.


Moses Sumney: "O Superman" (Laurie Anderson Cover) | Tracks | Pitchfork

from Vimeo

Laurie Anderson - O Superman

Laurie Anderson - O Superman by hype

▶ Beginning French (in Italian) & O Superman - Laurie Anderson Live in San Remo 2001 - YouTube

Bibbo, o Superman Meia Boca - PIPOCA COM BACON #PipocaComBacon - (400×616)


O SUPERMAN - Award-winning Musician and Performance Artist Laurie Anderson's iconic take on the 1980's USA Military Industrial Complex, as pertinent today as ever (except for the smoking). This is the original film featured in MOMA.