For when you feel like you can't do anymore or you can't go on read this and go watch there videos! ~ Alexis (aka me)

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All about the positive. Screw the negative. All smiles :-) -JC Caylen

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Inspirational quotes from JC Caylen

this gave me an idea for something I'm making for my friend who loves kian

I have never read something so beautiful before. This brings tears to my eyes.

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Jc (J for Justin c for cloud) Caylen

-JC Caylen....story of my life

I want to like pin this but edit it so the quote credit goes to me. Because this is my entire life in one sentence.>>it's so sad how true this is for so many people.

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Words of wisdom from Ricky Dillon

o2l quotes | folllow and comment what you got. "I had a baby with Kian Lawley because I'm crazy"

"I killed Ricky Dillon because I'm crazy". :( I went to prom with Trevor Moran because im beautiful"

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Probably my favorite quote, "It's okay to be a glowstick, sometimes we need to break before we shine.

Yas ok whatever fine no lets kidnap u so we know you wont leave kian can be our son

" " ~ Connor Franta I love him so much you have no idea <~ another perfect reason why he and my buddy Burkhart should get married

I fell in love with your personality. Your looks are just a bonus. -JC Caylen

How I feel. never mind, felt about you Aspen. I'm going back to Texas to be with my family. I'll come back in a week or two. *I start to tear up* I just need to take a break from my regular life, it's too depressing~ JC

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The wise words of King Franta

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Do what you love to do. Have fun with it and do not care about what others think. Life is good.  -JC Caylen

Do what you love to do. Have fun with it and do not care about what others think. Life is good.

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Cause everytime you touch me I just die in your arms oohh it feels so right so baby baby please don't stop