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'Scientists can now detect magnetic behavior at the atomic level with a new electron microscopy technique developed by a team from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Uppsala University, Sweden. The researchers took a counterintuitive approach by taking advantage of optical distortions that they typically try to eliminate.' New electron microscope method detects atomic-scale magnetism:

from Mail Online

How to stay safe in the atomic age: Charming posters from 1947 which show the health risks from radiation


Blue glow of Cherenkov radiation at ORNL's High Flux Isotope Reactor where berkelium is made to create element 117 © Oak Ridge National Labo...

from Washington Post

40 more maps that explain the world


Insulation "performance" values of building with SIP panels verses a standard 6" wall. Note the energy efficiency of the "entire" wall assembley has been documented by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Entire wall means you take into account the energy losses for the structural members, corners, joints and around windows (it is not just about the insulation).