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As much as I wish this were true, these are photoshopped. These photographs are from when Obama and joe have gone for jogs around the White House. If you look at the flags they're not really gripping them. Also if they were running the flags would most likely be flying beside/behind them. Still a great picture though, and props to the photoshop artist


He's not a leader, that's who! You suck, fuckbama!


There is good and bad with every culture. Not everyone fits in the bad category. BUT Obama and Hillary want us to think it is, guess what? It's working.


#DumpKelloggs: Breakfast Brand Blacklists Breitbart, Declares Hate for 45,000,000 Readers So we have a major corp that is trying to censor alt news because hillary lost. I will not buy another Kellogg's product for some time!


RUSH: The substance of Barack Obama, not his likability, not his articulation, not anything about his presence -- his policies, the stuff that matters -- was sent packing. That's what he's trying to cover-up. That's what he's trying to deflect.

I can't wait!!!! America will be stronger then!!! The worst of all!!! Including Bill Clinton and that's pretty bad!


Screw Them! Trump recently informed Mitch McConnell about his plan for term limits in Congress. McConnel replied that "it wasn't on the agenda" and that was that! Congress has no reason to work for common cirizens. Trump will not change that!