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Object Relations Theory: the idea that the ego-self exists only in relation to other objects, which may be external or internal. The internal objects are internalized versions of external objects, primarily formed from early interactions with the parents. There are three fundamental "affects" that can exist between the self and the other - attachment, frustration, and rejection. These affects are universal emotional states that are major building blocks of the personality.


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What Does Your Relationship With Your Mother Say About You?

Object relations theory


OBJECT RELATIONS THEORY. Based on psychodynamic theory, the theory object relations suggests that people relate to others and situations in their adult lives as shaped by family experiences during infancy.


This is the first theory book we’ve read on object relations. Our broadest idea of object relations going into the book is that people’s psyche is terribly influenced by their first relationships and that one of the first objects of attention is usually the Mother.

PSYCHOTHERAPY - Melanie Klein Melanie Klein was a great psychotherapist who teaches us how to stop either idealising or denigrating others. By: The School of Life.