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FREE Continents and Ocean Pack

This 45 page FREE Printable Continents and Oceans pack from A Moment In Our World includes 3 Part cards for the Continents and then multiple choice question

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This is a Mini Book to help review or introduce the 7 continents and 5 oceans. There are several different world maps here to show as well as a separate page for each student to identify the shape of each continent. This is also a fill in the blank book where students have to write in the names of each continent.

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Allow students to practice identifying and labeling the continents and oceans with this fun, cooperative game! All you need is a set of dice for each group of 2-4 players and a writeable blank world map for each student. Students just roll a die or dice and label either the continent or ocean that corresponds with the number rolled.

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29 Incredible Nature Documentaries for Kids

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Homeschool Unit Study - Oceans of the World

Planning a Homeschool Unit Study? Don't spend hours! Here you'll find our Oceans of the World Homeschool Unit Study all laid out and ready to go!

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The ocean of trash that's slowing the hunt for Malaysia's lost plane

Ocean garbage. OCEAN FORCE bracelets support Project Aware, focussing on marine litter, shark and manta ray conservation.

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Grade Level: 2nd Grade Objectives: -Students will recognize that there are 7 continents and 5 major oceans in the world Essential Questions: - What is a continent? -What are the names of...

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