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October war Yom Kippur war حرب اكتوبر Egyptian soldiers in an israel tank


My New World, A Teenager's WWII Odyssey by MK Alexander. $4.18. Author: MK Alexander. Publisher: KMACK DESIGN (October 5, 2011). 77 pages. A biography of Mary Cotsis, centered around her World War Two experiences as she escapes the Nazi Occupation of Greece and travels to America to begin a new life. Illustrated with period photographs. Show more Show less

Medic!: How I Fought World War II with Morphine, Sulfa, and Iodine Swabs by Robert "Doc Joe" Franklin. Publisher: Bison Books (October 1, 2008). Publication: October 1, 2008.


The Legacy of Jihad reveals how non-Muslims who were vanquished by jihad wars, became forced tributaries (called dhimmi in Arabic), in lieu of being slain. Non-Muslims were subjected to legal and financial oppression, as well as social isolation. Extensive primary and secondary source materials, are presented, making clear that jihad conquests were brutal, imperialist advances, which spurred waves of Muslims to expropriate a vast expanse of lands and subdue millions of indigenous peoples.

Laura (Ingersoll) Secord, Canadian heroine of the War of 1812. She's famous for her twenty mile walk through enemy lines to warn the British command of a pending American attack.