OCEAN // OCTOPUS PRINT 50 X 70 - I can pair this 3 ways! The octopus print with the lyrics to the Beatles' "Octopuses Garden" with the music. A Triple Ekphrasic example!

Sketch by Lucas Werneck.

Sketch by Lucas Werneck <<< This is kind of how I pictured Thallasa from the WaterFire Saga

The octopus isn't a particularly meaningful animal to me, but I like that their tentacles give you the the feeling that they can wrap themselves around you and drag you down into the depths.

Octopus Tentacle by SweetestMalificia on deviantART. I like how the line work emphasis the movement and form of the tentacle, it looks like it is in motion.

Octopus...looking for a good graphic to put on a sushi dish

Octopus Ink

This octopus sketch has movement and illusion of space which helps me draw my creature. The way the tentacles overlap and move are good for the sketch.

Tattoos and doodles: Tentacle through keyhole

This as a tattoo would add interesting depth. If only it weren't so blurry.