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New Directions Australia - Contract Manufacturing - OEM


Motocross vs. Yuasa

Motocross vs. Yuasa | Which is the Best Motorcycle Battery? You might be considering a replacement battery, and you're not sure if you can trust another brand. Maybe you got 7-8 years of life from your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) battery. Can a brand like Motocross compete with that? Read the article to find out. The answer may surprise you.

Metal Extrusion Fabrication,Extrude metal profile with extrusion machine -

The goal of lean manufacturing is to tighten up efficiency, cut down on wasted time, maximize talent and reduce waste. It sounds a lot like the benefits of going green, too. Let's look at some of the similarities, where green manufacturing intersects with lean principles.


Established in 2000, IMET has served numerous OEMs with a full range of product development services, including design, electronics engineering, prototyping, PCB assembly and contract manufacturing. Contact: IMET Corp., 505 Keystone Rd., Unit E, Southampton, PA 18966 267-288-5330 fax: 267-288-5493. Web: