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How To Install Your Own Off The Grid Well — Water is the most essential thing we need for life. With out water we will die within 3 days. Knowing how to install a water well is vital if not the most essential knowledge we could ever have stored in our brain.


Top Homesteading and Off the Grid Posts of 2016

The Top Homesteading and Off the Grid Posts of 2016, all in one spot, plus the top posts from 2015 and 2014 too!| Homestead Honey


How to Create a Food Storage Supply for You and your Spouse … For as Little as $5 per Week | Off The Grid News


Water, Gas and Electrical Systems' Collapse Survival Pantry: How to Survive, Prepare for and Protect Your Family. ( The Beginners' Prepper's Urban Survival Guide) (survival pantry, survival books) by Aron Wngazer,


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131 Survival Foods and Why You Should Store Them

The Internet is littered with lists of food and supplies, but this isn't just another list of survival foods--it's also a guide. via @urbanalan

How to Make an Outdoor Washing Machine

Michael Perdriel fashioned a manual clothes washer that could be used by those in developing countries, but its low-tech design makes it indispensable for people in developed countries who dream of going green and off the grid. It requires no electricity or running water, and it cleans a load of clothes in 20 minutes. Interested in making one?


How To Live Off the Grid - Living off the grid basically means living without the supply of gas, electricity and even water provided by local authorities. In the survival community, most are more concern with short-term ways to live off the grid in cases (EMP, natural disasters, etc) where essential supplies like electricity and water would be unavailable for a short period of time.


Living Off the Grid, (or Close to it) Urban Style - Survival Mom

Urban living off grid will help you become more self-reliant and less dependent on our electrical grid and better prepared for emergencies.