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Armor of God: The Sword of the Spirit

At first glance, the armor of God is all about defense. We do, however, have one offensive weapon – the sword of the Spirit. The Word of God is our sword – our only offensive weapon against the enemy.

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Graphic Design Studio & Apparel Boutique by BatHouseDesign

No es la mentira que me molesta. Es el insulto a mi inteligencia que encuentro ofensivo.

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Catcalling is WAY more offensive than who's peeing in the stall next to me

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Also, why is the responsibility of spreading peace thrust upon us?? A white man can be as offensive if he wants but as soon as minorities do it suddenly hate won't get us anywhere and we need to see past race, gender, etc

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The 33 Realest Tumblr Posts About Being A Person Of Color

On “getting over” offensive words: | The 33 Realest Tumblr Posts About Being A Person Of Color

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stop the "R" word. This word is also hurtful to people with physical disabilities also!

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It is virtually always used when something doesn’t go along plan. Kuso is pretty much the equivalent of any English swear word you can imagine. Literally translated, kuso means feces. Over time, it has grown to be one of the most common swear words used in the Japanese language, ironically almost the same as in the English language.

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We are not LIVESTOCK..if you can substitute the word "heifer" & "woman" when discussing reproductive rights then it is offensive & dehumanizing.

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