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Officer funeral home

Pretty Boy Floyd’s Tulsa Home: Feb 11, 1932 20 Tulsa Police Dept officers raided 513 E. Young St. in search of Charles Arthur “Choc” Floyd, a.k.a Pretty Boy Floyd. Floyd evaded capture following a shootout near 5th & Harvard. He abandoned his vehicle registered to a Jack Hamilton of Young Street. Jack Hamilton = Pretty Boy Floyd. Woody Guthrie claimed that more people attended Pretty Boy Floyd’s funeral than that of any governors’ in Oklahoma’s history. He was laid to rest in Akins, Okla.

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Police Dog. Some working animals don't get the respect they deserve. Rest in peace <3

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Hawkeye the dog, lies on the floor next to the casket of his owner, U.S. Navy SEAL Petty Officer Jon Tumilson, who was killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. RIP JT <3

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Meaningful Funeral - Television Tropes & Idioms New Orleans Funeral Procession

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Officer Jason Ellis was tragically killed during an ambush on Saturday. During his funeral, all of his fellow officers, families and friends showed up to say goodbye to the kind-hearted officer. The most noticeable mourner, however, was Figo. Figo was his canine partner who was obviously overcome with grief. Dogs know when their close friends die, and the sadness on his face is says it all.

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Heartbreaking Tyrese Gibson breaks down over the death of Paul Walker... I'm feeling heartbroken over it as well and I didn't even know him personally. I can only imagine what the people who were close to him are feeling. They're all in my thoughts and RIP Paul Walker wherever you are now.

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Police close funeral home after power, heat are found to be shut off

Michelle on

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famous events in 1977 | ... August 18th 1977 - 42-33502600 - Rights Managed - Stock Photo - Corbis

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