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Santorum Woos Ohio as Super Tuesday Looms

Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times Rick Santorum addressed members of the Ohio Republican party in Lima, Ohio, on Saturday. By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE Published: March 3, 2012

Frederick Douglas Patterson was the first black to manufacture cars, and known for the Greenfield-Patterson automobile of 1915, built in Ohio. A Republican, Patterson served as an annual delegate to the Ohio Republican Party caucus and campaigned for Warren G. Harding in 1920. For his work in the 1920 election, he was rewarded with a position as alternate delegate to the 1924 Republican National Convention.


Trumps Ohio state director says campaign has severed ties with state Republican Party chairman

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Ohio Was Broken, and that was the message from the Kasichfest in Columbus tonight, also known as the Ohio Republican Party State Dinner. No mention was made of how Ohio got broken, and went it started on the mend. Haley Barbour invoked the spirit of Ronald Reagan, and John Kasich waxed sincere and compassionate for the disabled, mentally ill and people "living in the shadows."

A new CNN poll finds that just 12% of Americans consider the Obamacare program a "success."


Moments From the Second Presidential Debate

GALLERY: Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump traded barbs in a debate at Washington University in St. Louis. Caption: People at a party for the debate at the Athens County Republican Party headquarters in Ohio watched Mr. Trump speak.

UPDATE — 10:30 p.m. ET: Ohio Senator Rob Portman is the latest Republican to climb aboard the anti-Trump bandwagon. Portman, who is cruising to reelection in the Buckeye State, released a statement Saturday night withdrawing his support of Trump — and announcing his intention of writing in Pence’s name for president. “I thought it was appropriate to respect the millions of voters across the country who chose Donald Trump as the Republican Party nominee. While I continue to respect those who…

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Ohio Tea Party candidate Tom Zawistowski took a drubbing Friday, when the executive committee of the Ohio Republican Party elected Matt Borges, Gov. John Kasich's favorite for the top job of chairman. Tom Z made an impassioned plea for the party establishment to take heed of what the grassroots base wants. A third party effort could be possible if Tea Party activists splinter off to form their political movement. This won't be good for Kasich. It will be good for Democrat Ed FitzGerald.

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Scary stuff and happening in front of us! The Ohio Republican Party has moved four ways to steal America's 2012 election. The Buckeye State is almost certain to emerge as a decider in this year's presidential election, and the GOP is moving fast to ensure victory, no matter what it takes. The strategy reflects much of what was done by the Republicans in 2000 and 2004 to steal those presidential elections for George W. Bush.