Okara-Cashew Ricotta: If you make your own soymilk and/or tofu, you will have okara-- the soybean pulp leftover from extracting the soymilk. It's fiber-rich & still contains nutrients. If you live in a city with a sizeable Asian population, you probably have access to fresh, inexpensive okara from a tofu shop. This post contains this ricotta recipe, a recipe for Okara Burgers, & links to recipes for Okara-Miso Pate, Dark, Fudgey Okara Brownies, Crisp Okara Waffles & Okara "Parmesan".

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What to do with okara (the fibrous part of the soy bean left after you make soymilk or tofu)

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Ganmodoki - authentic Japanese tofu fritters, naturally vegan | Organize and save your favourite recipes OFFLINE on your iPhone or iPad with @RecipeTin! Find out more here: www.recipetinapp.com #recipes #vegan

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Vegan burgers made with okara I haven't had much time for experimental or fun cooking lately-- too busy editing my book-- or for much b...

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